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Ways to boost productivity

21 September 2020

Working from home is our new normal and I imagine it will continue to be for quite some time.

This new way of working certainly has its highs and lows which by now most of us have experienced to some degree. On the positive it has cut down on our commute allowing for more time with family and a greater degree of flexibility without going into the many environmental benefits. However, if you are anything like me, my morning commute was filled with mindfulness, podcasts and books. I really savoured the time alone with my thoughts and so when I finally got off the train each morning and stepped into the office I was charged and ready for the day.

And yes I know I still technically have the same hours in the day to do those things however it can be quite a challenge to make a distinct separation between work and home when so many of us still continue to work from our bedrooms, kitchen or dining room tables.

As a self-confessed extravert I really miss the energy other people bring to the room, so I have come up with 5 ways to boost my productivity and mental wellbeing during this time.

  1. Routine – we are creatures of habit and I certainly thrive on routine it adds structure to my day and helps with my motivation. I make sure I’m up and ready at the same time every morning
  2. Prioritise - I usually have a to do list for the day and I start with my least favourite things first and I know that sounds hard, but I’d rather have tough tasks completed first rather than have them loom over my whole day.
  3. Breaks – breaks are vital, I know its no fun eating your sandwich alone in your kitchen for an hour but why not take four 15min breaks, go stretch your legs, text your best friend or play with your pet. All those are ways to boost serotonin levels which will make you feel better.
  4. Lights,camera,action- make sure your camera is on during video calls with colleagues and clients. Research by Forbes has shown that it reduces the feelings of isolation, makes you more engaged in the conversation and facial expressions speak louder than words. Ultimately all of those actions add up to being more relaxed, efficient and productive.
  5. End your day on a high- have a set time for ending your workday and finish the day by doing something you love and enjoy. Weather it’s a 5k run, a stroll around the park with your dog or a chat with your partner over a cup of tea, make sure you take time to switch off and mark the end of the day.

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