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Your Trusted Partner for Resource Planning

An established, globally trusted partner dedicated to your success.

Founded in 1992, Retain International meets the needs of professional services firms in resource planning and talent management.

Consultants, auditors and lawyers in 65 countries use Retain to ensure optimal resource allocation every day.

Our unique approach to understanding client needs combined with the best people and the latest technology, enable us to exceed every expectation. It’s why Retain International is trusted - among others - by the Big Four accounting firms on a global scale.

Our solutions have been designed for multiple platforms, ensuring that wherever customers use Retain, they have complete control over their data. They can also customise many aspects of the software to meet their specific needs.

Retain International is a global organisation with decades of experience integrating with leading Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Unleash the power of Retain

Discover how we can transform your business, boosting your revenues and profits while delivering high-quality client outcomes with more engaged and motivated employees.