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The Importance of Proactive Planning

25 June 2020

Over the past few months, life has presented difficult circumstances for all businesses, with these challenges been felt by individuals in all roles.

Now more than ever, businesses need to move away from the original reactive approach to planning, to a proactive approach, looking to completely eliminate any problems which could arise before they happen.

By proactively planning, businesses are able to create a desired future, changing the way they plan, manage and support their resources. Planners actively shape the future schedules of resources, rather than just trying to get ahead of events outside of their control. The unpredictability of the current world climate means businesses need to be able to rapidly react to change, both increases and decreases in utilisation, and understand in detail how this will impact the business from all angles.

This method of planning is going to change the way businesses plan, with some significant rewards:

  • Increased utilisation and therefore increased revenue
  • Better provision of services, by allocating the most appropriate resources
  • Reduced management time, and cost
  • Ability to access all resources, from a single resource pool
  • Improved visibility of workflow and resource capacity
  • Smoothing of utilisation and management of peaks and troughs in demand
  • Better forecasting and planning of future work
  • Identify and fill skill gaps

Nobody knows what the next few years is going to hold for the business world but by minimising the risk we can create better outcomes for not only businesses themselves but the individuals who these businesses rely on to support them.

Retain is designed to support service-based organisations of all sizes, with solutions designed for all budgets, with our very smallest clients getting the same care and access to invaluable solutions that our bigger clients have. We know some industries have been hit harder than others, and some industries will recover quicker than others, but we see the benefits our solutions can bring to companies across the board, whether that is accountancy and consultancy firms, banks, IT services, architects, creative agencies, or manufacturing; the overall benefit felt by both the businesses and resources themselves are there to see.

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