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Dynamically reallocating resources

18 May 2020

Just like everyone else in the world today – those of us working in the world of Resource Management are currently facing totally new, unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re still doing what we’ve always done, matching supply and demand of resources, but COVID-19 has added a new time dynamic (urgency!) – which means we need to do all of this in a more agile way.

Suddenly new tasks and priorities have presented themselves to organisations, and so coupled with a rapidly changing workforce means that we need to respond to changes and often dynamically reallocate resources.

We’ve all seen in the news the sudden changes that organisations are making – sometimes completely changing their business!

So, whether it’s shift based staff within manufacturing, facilities management or utilities, or highly skilled professional services in Consulting and Accounting, our customers are needing to rapidly change their priorities, and reallocate staff accordingly.

We’re still doing what we do best - matching supply and demand of resources, but we’re just enabling our customers to do this more rapidly by providing solutions that match people with work and to intelligently schedule or roster staff. Matching the requirement of the job with the capabilities, availability, interest and development goals of our staff. Always ensuring we have the RIGHT PEOPLE to do the RIGHT JOB

For shift-based organisations – that means our customers can provide their service in line with their SLAs whilst minimising costs

For Professional Services organisations like our Consulting customers, this means increasing utilisation rate and therefore directly increasing revenue.

Intelligently scheduling, planning and tracking work with the right available resources is difficult enough when it’s “business as usual” but responding to change is even more challenging.

COVID has highlighted the fact that MOST organisations struggle to adapt their workforce to rapidly changing priorities.

Responding to these challenges through dynamic resource allocation and re-allocation, enables our customers to:

  • Make better, more agile use of resources
  • Improve Utilisation, Productivity and Profitability
  • Reduce management time and costs
  • Support employee goals
  • Predict / respond to future resourcing
  • Identify and fill skills gap

Now more than ever in these most challenging of times.

If want to discover how you could bring dynamic reallocation to your business, click here to book a session with one of our consultants.

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