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Improving efficiencies with system integrations & API's

2nd September 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has had far reaching impacts on every country and industry around the world. Whilst most impacts are unfortunately negative, one of the positives to emerge is the fast-tracked digital transformation that is taking place within businesses worldwide.

A recent study by Twilio has suggested that Covid-19 has been the digital accelerant of the decade, and has accelerated digital strategies within organisation by a global average of 6 years. As also suggested in an article by KPMG, this dependency on digital solutions has never been greater and shows no signs of diminishing when the pandemic ends.

So, as businesses continue to evolve their digital transformation, now at a breakneck speed, with the hope of streamlining efficiencies, are they doing so in the most efficient manner? More commonly than not, at the centre of an organisation’s IT department is app upon app, upon app, often creating a tangled web of systems and processes.

The most common requirement we come across when speaking to organisations needing a new resource management solution, is for it to speak to all their other systems – be it HR, CRM, Finance or a project management tool. Many firms have a tangled web of systems and spreadsheets which results in:

  • Poor visibility of key data
  • Issues with version controls
  • Inefficient processes
  • Slow decision making
  • Underutilisation and productivity across their teams

And, not to mention the duplication of effort and data from using siloed systems, which can be a huge drain of time and energy. Minimising this wherever possible, is an absolute must for all organisations. By ensuring that all your software is talking to each other and sharing information, time can be saved, and effort reduced.

Whether it’s for HR, Finance, Resource or Project Management, ensuring that your systems are integrated and that there is smooth flow of information is paramount. Particularly for Resource Management systems, integration is key as it facilitates the mapping of data from several systems to reduce inputting time and letting your staff focus on the projects at hand.

Retain Importer and API untangles this web of systems, allowing the flow of data between systems. While Retain is well known for streamlining resource management processes and increasing utilisation rates, installing Retain Importer or a bespoke API brings an additional layer of time saving by reducing duplication and smoothing information flow.

Demonstrating how a new piece of software can save your staff time and effort is one way to ensure a smooth transition and increased adoption once live.

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