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Retain vs ProFinda: Which resource management tool is right for you?


By Rahat Ahmed
Resource Management Growth Leader

  • 8 min

The right resource management software empowers teams to forecast, allocate resources, and track progress seamlessly. But with all the options out there, how do you choose the best tool?

Enter Retain and ProFinda—two reputable solutions that promise to take the headache out of resource planning. 

To help you decide, in this comprehensive comparison, we'll delve into usability, key features, integrations, pricing, and customer service. Our aim? To give you a 360-degree view so you can make an informed choice. It's not a matter of which tool to use, but rather, which tool works best for you. 

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide an accurate and fair comparison between Retain and ProFinda based on publicly available information, there may be additional features or context not reflected here. This post should not be considered exhaustive or definitive.

The big picture: Retain vs ProFinda

When it comes to resource management software, the spotlight often lands on Retain and ProFinda. But which one truly meets the needs of resource managers, project managers, and operations managers? Let’s quickly review both solutions to find out.

Retain: A snapshot overview

Retain has long been the cornerstone of resource management software. Backed by over two decades of experience, it focuses exclusively on providing specialised solutions for resource management. Offering a full suite of tools—from Capacity Management and Resource Scheduling to Workflow Management—Retain provides an all-in-one solution that evolves with your business.

🔎Quick facts

  • Focus: Resource Management
  • Strengths: Comprehensive suite of tools
  • USP: Advanced resource management with AI capabilities
  • User-friendly: Wallchart interface
  • Support: Phone, email, knowledge base, and live training

Retain’s advanced AI capabilities suggest resources that align perfectly with your project needs, based on historical data and individual skill sets. This, in turn, optimises resource utilisation, planning efficiency, and project outcomes.

ProFinda: A snapshot overview

ProFinda is not just resource management software; it also ventures into other areas with products like 'Opportunity Marketplace' and 'Skills as a Service'.

🔎Quick facts

  • Focus: Resource skills matching
  • Additional offerings: Opportunity Marketplace, Skills as a Service
  • Strengths: Optimisation and integrations
  • USP: Data-driven resource optimisation

The platform can be helpful for enterprises looking to match labour supply with work demand. However, ProFinda's broader focus could dilute its specialisation in resource management.

➡️The takeaway

Retain’s undivided focus on resource management, combined with its comprehensive toolset, gives it a unique edge. If you want a tailored solution for resource management, it's hard to beat the focus, depth, and experience that Retain offers. (If you’re keen to see more, why not take a look at Retain.)

Ready for a quick rundown? Next up, we've prepared a 'Key Features at a Glance' comparison table to help you cut through the noise.

Retain vs ProFinda: Key features at a glance

Below, you'll find a head-to-head analysis of Retain and ProFinda, focusing on usability, features, integrations, and much more. This snapshot will give you the essentials, enabling you to weigh up the two platforms efficiently.

Retain vs ProFinda comparison table

If you've scanned our comparison table, you'll have noticed some standout features. Retain excels in specialised resource management software with its user-friendly design, wallchart interface providing at-a-glance resource visibility, and AI-powered skills-matching tools. Whereas ProFinda has a strong focus on optimising supply and demand matching together with robust integrations. 

If we’ve piqued your interest, let’s explore these key differences further with a deep-dive into each tool, starting with Retain.👇 

Comprehensive overview of Retain

Retain vs ProFinda - example of Retain's dashboard

When it comes to resource management, it's not just about filling in the gaps—it's about intelligent planning, real-time adaptability, and creating a robust foundation for your projects. Retain isn't just another tool; it's a highly specialised solution designed to meet all your resource management demands.

For over two decades, Retain has been a trusted name in resource management, continually innovating to meet industry demands, including leading professional services firms such as EY, KPMG, and Deloitte. From our unique wallchart interface to AI-driven forecasting, Retain ensures that you have not just a good grasp, but complete command over your project lifecycles. We've honed our features to offer comprehensive capabilities that cover everything from client budget management to advanced utilisation reporting.

If you're looking for a tool that's committed to helping you optimise resources with precision and reliability, Retain is a solid choice.

Full suite of tools

Resource management:

  • AI-powered resource planning: Advanced AI algorithms scrutinise project specifics, required skills, and the availability of resources to suggest the best fits intelligently.
  • Integrated capacity and project tracking: Not only can you manage your project's capacity in real-time, but you can also keep tabs on its progression effortlessly.
  • Reports, dashboard, and resource allocation: Customise your dashboards for a snapshot of resource allocation, and delve into in-depth reporting to make well-informed decisions.
  • Resource scheduling with AI skills alignment: Quickly schedule resources while ensuring that the right skills are dynamically matched to the right projects.
  • Timesheets and utilisation reporting: Seamlessly manage timesheets while gaining insights from utilisation reports for maximising resource efficiency.
  • Third-party integrations: Extend your capabilities with numerous third-party integrations, from HR software to bespoke solutions.

Talent management:

  • Employee database: An all-in-one database, portal, and profile system ensures you have all the information you need about your team.
  • Advanced reporting and statistics: Get a clearer picture of your workforce's talent landscape with detailed analytics.

Workflow management:

  • Audit trail with easy data handling: Maintain full accountability with an audit trail while benefiting from data import/export capabilities.
  • Document storage and real-time data: Keep your key files handy and up-to-date with real-time data updates.
  • Reporting, Analytics, and role-based permissions: Tailor your workflow analytics to roles within your organisation for enhanced control and insights.

Support & Training:

  • Round-the-clock support: Whether it's via your rep, email, or phone, we're always here to help.
  • Knowledge base and live online training: Easily access resources to solve issues on the fly or dive deeper with our live online training.

Key industries:

Retain is trusted by the world’s biggest companies, including Capgemini, KPMG, Deloitte, EY, Bank of America, and Mazars. You can read more about these customer stories here

Comprehensive overview of ProFinda

Retain vs ProFinda: Example of ProFinda's dashboard

ProFinda shifts the focus from resource management to resource optimisation with its ‘Resource Optimization’ solution. It uses AI-driven technology to model the workforce supply in real-time, considering multiple data facets such as skills, experience, cost, and more. It also ensures the workforce operates at optimum levels, aligning perfectly with work demands.

Features and functionalities

  • Work quality: Targets team skills to deliver successful projects.
  • Work economics: Considers variables like employment type, location, and costs to ensure profitability.
  • Employee experience: Aligns career goals with roles, creating job satisfaction.
  • Intelligent ranking: Identifies the best fit for projects in seconds through AI.
  • Transparent process: The entire staffing process is data-informed and streamlined in a single platform.
  • Data-driven decision making: Comprehensive data for smart resourcing, including skills, capacity, and costs.
  • Supply-demand matching: Real-time supply and demand matching to produce optimal teams for any business needs.
  • End-to-end solution: One platform captures the entire staffing process, enhancing transparency and quality.

Key industries:

  • Professional services
  • Government

As an interesting side note, ProFinda also goes beyond resource management with additional offerings like 'Opportunity Marketplace' and 'Skills as a Service'. 

  • Opportunity Marketplace: Aimed at employee development, this allows employees to explore various internal career options.
  • Skills as a Service: Allows organisations and ISVs to tap into ProFinda’s Skills’ Intelligence Framework for their own applications.

While these modules broaden its application, they might dilute the focus on resource management. Retain, on the other hand, offers an end-to-end solution exclusively focused on resource management. This focus could offer a more specialised, in-depth solution for resource managers.

Next up, before diving into the final verdict, let's pause to hear the voice of the users.👇

Customer reviews and testimonials 

Customer reviews offer invaluable insights into how software performs in real-life, and they can be a deciding factor for many buyers. Below, we've rounded up feedback for both Retain and ProFinda to help you get a feel for each platform's strengths and areas for improvement.


Average Capterra Score: 4.3

  • Ease of use: 4.3
  • Customer service: 4.1
  • Features: 4.0
  • Value for money: 4.3


Highlights from Retain reviews:

  • Users commend Retain for its intuitive interface, available across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.
  • Accurate and timely reporting features have enabled businesses to make data-backed staffing decisions.
  • Customisability stands out, especially with support for multiple currencies and tailored features.

What users say:

"Retain is the resource management tool I needed to be proactive in planning and forecasting staffing solutions."

"The planning and calendar functionality helps us to predict potential bottlenecks and allows us to flex resourcing."


Reviews on G2:

  • Generally talked about as a robust workforce management software.
  • Praised for managing employee data effectively.

What users say:

"ProFinda helps me manage the employee data and their information."

"It should be a little more easy to navigate."

👉In essence, Retain is appreciated for its seasoned approach to resource management, backed by robust features and a user-friendly interface. ProFinda, though not as widely reviewed, gets the nod for specific workforce management capabilities and employee data handling.

Retain vs ProFinda: The final verdict

At this point, you're armed with a wealth of information to make an informed choice between Retain and ProFinda. Each has its unique strengths. 

Retain goes beyond traditional resource management by not only matching skills but also by factoring in critical elements like availability, employee aspirations, and other performance metrics. This comprehensive approach ensures that the strongest candidate for a role isn't overburdened, aligning workforce capabilities with future goals. 

Retain doesn't just offer a snapshot of today's skills; it's a tool for building the workforce of tomorrow. This makes it an ideal choice for those who prioritise a robust, AI-driven system that anticipates and adapts to evolving organisational needs.

While ProFinda shines in the area of integrations and offers additional products like 'Opportunity Marketplace' and 'Skills as a Service.' 

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your specific needs. 

If you prioritise a robust, tried-and-tested system that goes beyond traditional resource management and leverages AI, Retain could be the one for you. For those looking for a platform that places a high emphasis on employee development, ProFinda is worth considering.

Both companies offer strong solutions, and the right choice will hinge on what fits your organisation's objectives best.

If we’ve convinced you to put Retain on your shortlist, why not book a personalised demo now

📗Or you can check out our guide on how to choose the best resource management software here.

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