What's new in Release 1.14?

Retain International are pleased to announce the release 1.14 of Retain Cloud.​

We have added some new capability plus some useful enhancements in a number of key areas:​

  • Project milestones​
  • Confidential projects​
  • Time allocation in FTE & Multiple resources​
  • Search & View talent profiles​
  • Notifications Emails & Preferences​
  • Resource availability dashboard

Project milestones​

Do you track project progress against date specific milestones?​

As part of our initial PSA capability, Milestones can now be added to a project.​

Project milestones are added when a project is created and then edited in the same way as any other project information.​

 1.14 Picture 1

Milestones are visible on the Projects planner view​

1.14 Picture 2

As a project moves through its lifecycle, the milestones can be marked as completed​

If the date passes a milestone that is not marked as completed then this is visible from the planner​.

 1.14 Picture 3

Confidential projects​

​A project can now be set-up to include only a limited audience​

When a project is created, it can be marked as Confidential.​

This means that only certain people will be able to access that project.​

Project confidentiality works with the Job Read security permissions set-up.​

 1.14 Picture 4

Time allocation in FTE & Multiple resources​

A  FTE headcount can be applied to a criteria-role​

This saves having to create X number of individual roles that all have identical characteristics.​

For example: If 3 FTE’s are required then one role can be created but with a FTE quantity of 3.​

When the role is requested, three individual assignments will be required.​

 1.14 Picture 5

NOTE: The role requestor could assign the required resources. In this example and to show the workflow, the assigner and requestor are different users.​

 1.14 Picture 6

​Draft/Requested roles will appear on the projects planner view.​


 1.14 Picture 7

1.14 Picture 8

Then, using Suggested resources, assignments can be made to each of the 3 roles.​

The main role bar will say Pending until all 3 assignments have been completed.​

Assigned roles will then follow the current process of approval, rejection or reassignment.​

Search & View talent profiles​

From within the Talent Profile page, you can now search for other resource profiles​

In a similar way to People Finder on the planner views, Retain Cloud now enables you to search for other resources.​

This is done using the View other profile menu option from a talent profile.​

Once a resource has been selected from the list, their details can be either be viewed or amended.​

Resource viewing and editing rights are controlled by the Security profile.​

 1.14 Picture 9

Notifications Emails & Preferences​

We have expanded our Notifications capability to include email communications .

In Settings, there are a series of checkboxes that govern when a notification is sent to a Resource, Planner or Requestor.​

This is either a Notification within Retain, or an email.​

The email frequency has 4 options:​

  • Instantly, Hourly, Daily & Weekly​

​Retain Cloud now offers three forms of communication:​

  • Internal notifications​
  • Outlook Calendar integration​
  • Email notifications​

1.14 Picture 10

Resource availability dashboard​

Skills and resource attributes can now be used to gauge resource availability​

Assigning resources to projects based on their skills is a core part of Retain Cloud.​

Using our latest dashboard, it is now possible to report on availability using resource attributes (e.g. Location, Grade, etc) as well as their skills.​

This is also a great way of using a skills taxonomy to gauge future skills shortfalls.​

 1.14 Picture 11

We have fixed a number of known issues​

  • PRB Timesheet Import - ETL performance issue (PRB0048887)​
  • Reporting  Offloading to read-only database (PRB0048865)​
  • Performance issue - Drop downs causes 'Something went wrong' and hanging of the application (PRB0048864) ​
  • Planner grid - The month view for the planning grid shows incorrect date format for English US browser language (PRB0048795)​
  • Error attempting to make a role live / BE Make live error when there are hidden fields (PRB0048796)​
  • US long date formatting (PRB0048794)​
  • Disabling append permissions on Role Workflows will stop users from logging in (PRB0048844)

Further information 

Wish to talk further about how R1.14 can help your business?​

Here are some information sources that can assist:​

  • Your Retain Cloud Account Manager​
  • Our support team​
  • The "? Help" tab