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Resource planning software can support and improve workplace wellbeing


By Editorial Team

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Social restrictions are not the only cause for mental health issues

Levels of anxiety and depression rose during the pandemic.  Unfortunately, this trend has continued increasing in December 2021, highlighting that the adverse effects of the pandemic on mental health are not over.

According to recent findings in a UCL study[1], the rates of anxiety and depression in December reached similar levels to the lockdown at the start of 2021, emphasising that these mental health issues are not necessarily linked to social restrictions. 

Loneliness is a mental health issue from which many suffered during the lockdown and this continues to affect workers in 2022.  It is important that employers recognise the effects loneliness can have on their staff and that they attempt to intervene and assist where possible. Leaders must recognise how the changing environment, both inside and outside of the workplace, can adversely affect their workforce’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Why is stress management a crucial indicator of mental awareness?

Employers have a legal duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their workers, this includes their mental health.  Work-related stress is a widely recognised health issue within the UK and must be treated by businesses as any other workplace hazard. Not only does work-related stress affect the health of employees, but also the productivity of organisations.

Work-place stress can distress employees in numerous ways, both physically and psychologically. Some of these common symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeping difficulties, including insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cognitive difficulties, including reduced ability to concentrate or make decisions
  • A drop in work performance

Stress management within a business’ workforce not only helps those struggling mentally in the workplace but can also lead to reduced staff turnover and decreased attrition rates.

Resource Planning is key for wellbeing management

Resource planning involves the process of identifying and allocating team members to projects based on aspects such as experience, location and skills and project requirements. In the past, large organisations used tiresomely manual processes to track this data, however, thanks to the creation of Retain software much of the manual process has been removed.  As we move further into 2022, it is time for many of the smaller-scale employers to follow suit and modernise their resource planning process by integrating resource planning software. This will not only cut down on labour-intensive hours but can also greatly help staff wellbeing management.

Staff resourcing tools are created with the intention of helping organisations better manage how, where and what projects their staff are working on. The data accumulated through such systems enable employers to view whether their employees are over-working on a project, whether they are working entirely from home, or if they are working below their typical standard.   All of this data enables managers to create an informed view of how their team members are performing. When a worker’s performance presents as abnormal compared to previously collected data, a manager can view this in a report and seek to help and understand what may be causing this change in behaviour.

Retain Cloud – your tool to improve staff management and increase early intervention

Resourcing tools can therefore be implemented to help managers recognise early signs of their team struggling, thanks to data-led reports. When it comes to addressing mental health issues in the workplace, intervention and empathy are key. A system which aids in recognising and identifying those needing support, allowing managers to act and action on the data is therefore integral for data informed management of staff wellbeing.

Retain Cloud is Retain International’s solution for staff resource management. With 30 years of experience in the sector, Retain International’s software is able to track project engagement, staff resourcing and skills utilisation, allowing organisations to gain a data-led, holistic image of how staff are performing and better informing perceptions of staff wellbeing. As a leading provider for many of the world’s foremost Professional Services Firms including PWC, Deloitte and Allen & Overy, we are well experienced in supporting clients on a global basis.

According to the Centre for Mental Health mental health problems cost approximately £1,300 per employee in the UK.  Supporting workforce mental health is integral to the wellbeing of your staff, but it can also have a positive overall effect on your business. Retain Cloud can help you achieve this.

To learn more about how your organisation can improve staff wellbeing through enhanced resource management, click here.


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