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Elevating resource management: Enhanced scenario planning and accountability


By Kerry Leech

  • 6 min

When it comes to resource management, scenario planning is a critical strategy. It empowers businesses to prepare for multiple futures, maximising opportunities while minimising risks. But what if scenario planning itself could be more intuitive, flexible, and powerful? 

That's exactly what Retain aims to achieve with its latest release. This update not only simplifies the scenario planning process but also introduces several other key features that take resource management to the next level.

We talked to Retain’s Rahat Ahmed to find out more and get an inside look.?

Why scenario planning matters

Scenario planning enables you to envision various future conditions or events and how they'll impact operations. So you're not only preparing for one outcome but examining multiple possibilities. This ensures a more robust strategy.

Plus, you’re less susceptible to the pitfalls of unforeseen events or fluctuating markets.

Retain brings enhanced resource scenario planning directly to your fingertips,” says Rahat, 

With the ability to compare the commercial aspects of different scenarios side by side, you'll see total revenues, costs, and profits for each option, making it easier to submit the one that aligns best with your commercial objectives. And any unwanted scenarios can be deleted.”

Compare resource scenarios side-by-side

The latest update also allows you to select a Charge rate when a new Role by requirements is created. 

Update resource scenario planning charge rates and custom values

When creating a new role, the Requestor can select a specific charge rate or input custom values. This results in tailored cost, revenue, and profit projections for each role within the scenario, making your strategic planning more precise than ever.

Also, when a resource has been assigned to a Role by requirements the Charge rate that is used to calculate the booking Cost Revenue and Profit is the default rate for that resource. Then, once the resource assignment has been completed, the role is progressed through to approval in the same way as any other role.

Beyond scenario planning: Other key updates

In addition to improved scenario planning, Retain’s latest release brings a host of other updates designed to further improve resource management. From enhanced audit trails to custom security conditions, these additional features will improve operations and streamline workflows. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Enhanced audit trails for improved accountability

The importance of audit trails can't be overstated. Whether it's jobs, resources, or roles, this release adds additional functionality. 

With history data now included, now you can see who last updated a resource's skills and when,” says Rahat, “this provides an extra layer of transparency.” 

Additional audit trail functionality

With the audit trails, you can see who last updated the skills of a resource and when this was done. This enables better decision-making and greater accountability.

Custom security conditions for greater flexibility

Custom security conditions give you unprecedented control over who can access what within your organisation. Imagine multiple teams working on various projects, each requiring different levels of data sensitivity. By using custom lookup fields in your security rules, you can match specific job roles or departments to tailored access levels. 

Rahat says: “It's no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. You can ensure that the right people have the right level of access to sensitive data, all while maintaining stringent security protocols.”

This level of control enhances not only your data security but also the efficiency of your entire operation.

When it comes to customisation, Retain’s update takes things up a notch. The new feature allows you to use custom lookup fields in your security rules. 

customise resource scenario planning

So, for instance, if you have a custom field for 'Job Role', you can now include it in your security conditions. This level of granularity gives you greater control, ensuring the right people have the right level of access to sensitive data.

Project status fields for jobs

Managing projects effectively is about more than just hitting deadlines; it's a multi-faceted task that requires close monitoring of time, cost, and quality. With the introduction of Red, Amber, Green (RAG) statuses, Retain makes this easier. 

Project managers can now set statuses across these three critical areas, allowing for more nuanced health checks on ongoing projects.” Says Rahat. 

As shown below, a coloured icon will appear against the project name, offering at-a-glance insights into the project's overall health.

Resource management RAG status

You can assign up to three statuses related to Time, Cost, and Quality. Retain does the math and generates an overall "Health Status" for your project. If one parameter is off, you'll know about it immediately thanks to the coloured icon next to your project name. 

This not only adds clarity but also enables faster, data-driven decision-making.

Improvements to duplicate job capability

Minimising manual work is crucial for any fast-paced business. The improved duplicate job features make the replication of tasks more intelligent and less time-consuming. 

Rahat says, “We now support a number of additional duplicate features, here are a few examples,” 

Example 1: Duplicating all bookings within the Job Start End date range. This scenario will exclude any booking that sits outside of the job date range.

Example 2: If a job has bookings outside of the Job Start End date range, the planner has the option to include or exclude these bookings

Example 3: If a job has no start and end dates, the duplicate date range will default to the Start date of the first booking and the End date of the last booking. The planner can then decide the Destination start date for the duplicate bookings.

These additional settings offer better control and less room for error.

Report sharing

Information is power, but only if it's in the right hands. The report-sharing feature ensures that team members have access to the data they need. 

Rahat says: “Subject to security permissions, a user is now able to create, edit or share reports with other individual users or groups of users based on a Security profile.” 

resource scenario planning report sharing

Reports that are shared with other users can be set up as either Read only or Edit access.”

Edit access empowers team members to collaborate on projects where multiple perspectives are needed. Read-only access, on the other hand, is perfect for sharing information without risking unintended alterations, crucial for compliance or when data integrity is paramount.

The bottom line: Now, you can specify who can edit or merely view reports, allowing for better collaborative decision-making.

Retain’s real-world impact

In a world driven by data and fast-changing business dynamics, these updates are key enablers. Planners and project managers will find their jobs streamlined, allowing for quicker and more informed decision-making. 

The enhancements in security conditions and audit trails make it a vital tool for compliance too. Even the occasional user stands to benefit from the user-friendly updates, making it easier to jump in and contribute.

From adding more granularity to empowering teams with report-sharing capabilities, every addition has been designed to add value. 

Rahat’s final word: “For our existing customers, this update simplifies tasks you're already doing, shaving time off processes and adding layers of accountability and customisation you've been asking for.” 

For those considering Retain, these updates demonstrate our ongoing commitment to evolve and improve, offering robust solutions that cater to today’s resource management challenges.

Talking of which, if you are considering Retain why not talk to us? We’d love to walk you through the latest features and how they can help your business. 

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