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resource management software

Delivering planning information with great clarity using concise graphical views and powerful reporting.

Easy to use

Our demand forecasting software means you can quickly and easily move and duplicate bookings thanks to the wallchart style display. Giving you an instant view of the resource's availability over time, customisable colours and shapes help you see the finer details as well as anticipate and avoid overbookings and clashes.

  • Drag and drop - Just grab a booking and move it to another slot. Your changes are automatically saved.
  • Duplication - Save time by using the duplication tool to schedule new bookings based on existing ones.
  • Date and time - Plan your schedules over any time scale: from minutes to weeks, all in the same resource management tool.
  • Colours and shapes - Customise booking categories by shape, colour and size to display details the way you want.

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Enterprise scheduling software made easy using resource management software.

Insightful views

You can view your planning data in any way you like, thanks to the built-in flexibility of Retain resource management software. Analyse and make decisions with the relevant information. Save your view settings and change them around on-demand.

  • Filter - Search for and select resources based on your own criteria. Create special selections to filter any data stored in Retain.
  • Rotate - Switch between viewing bookings by resource or by project. Easily publish schedules so individuals and teams can view their own assignments.
  • Share - Publish schedules selectively or make them public within your organisation, whilst always keeping planning under control.
Resource management and enterprise scheduling software.

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Reports and demand forecasting

Report on your data to management with ease thanks to Retain’s comprehensive reporting suite, allowing you to create any number of reports that matter to your business.

  • Report building - Report on all metrics and data fields with the built-in, highly flexible reporting tool.
  • Demand forecasting - Construct scenarios and create ghost bookings to help you foresee the impact of your planning choices with integrated demand forecasting software.
  • Ready to share - Reports can be exported to MS-Excel and printed.
Easy to view talent demand forecasting software metrics.

Build your own metrics

Every organisation is different which is why with Retain resource management software you can measure your own success using your metrics to calculate the effectiveness of your business.

Enterprise scheduling and talent management from Retain talent management software.

Talent management

Tracking skills plays an important role in any organisation. Retain’s talent management software makes tapping into your talent pool a part of your scheduling process. Finding the right person for a given task is easy when the information is centralised.

  • Completely flexible - Use the standard template, build your own skill structure or simply connect with an existing HR system.
  • Best fit - Narrow down a list of candidates for a project using the intuitive selection tool based on skills such as technical ability, language or experience.
  • Close gaps - Monitor skills shortages and address gaps through training or hiring.

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Demand forecasting software for businesses of all sizes.


Bringing together managers and planners is greatly enhanced by Retain resource management software. Managers now have access to a brand-new interface to create and submit detailed team requests. Planners can pick these requests and fulfil them accordingly.

  • Best fit - Save time when responding to a request. Planners are presented a list of resources, starting with those that best fit the requirements.
  • Control - Managers can review staffing proposals in Retain resource management software before approving and creating bookings.
  • Collaboration - Large teams spread over multiple business units can each be planned separately and independently. Their respective supervisors operate in a controlled way and through a centralised process.

Resource management software and enterprise scheduling software.


Retain resource management software is perfect for enterprise scheduling and SME’s. Built with scalability and security in mind, Retain gives you the tools to master enterprise scheduling by quickly deploying and managing the application. And with full control over sensitive client information, you will enjoy the confidence of knowing your company's data is safe.

  • Self-hosted - Retain is a self-hosted solution requiring minimal amounts of resources and under your full control.
  • Custom - From its general appearance to the way users interact with it, you have the ability to extensively personalise Retain resource management software more than any competing solution.
  • Secure - Retain helps you be compliant with data governance requirements as well as set user permissions.
  • Scalable - Designed for SMEs, mid-tier and enterprise organisations, our resource planning and scheduling software helps organisations to effectively manage and schedule resources, optimise staff utilisation and manage costs - saving millions of pounds in the process.
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Mobile enterprise scheduling software for on-the-go talent management.


You can use Retain as a MS-Windows application, a web application, or both. The Retain Mobile app also lets you access the enterprise scheduling software on the go using your smartphone.

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Mobile talent management software with demand forecasting functionality.

Collaborate globally

Operating internationally brings about many challenges. Retain supports multiple alphabets, calendars, work hours, timezones and currencies. Planning your talent management strategy with Retain lets you easily connect teams from across the globe.

Resource management software that operates internationally.


Retain resource management software has a strong track record of integrating with leading enterprise systems such as SAP, Elite, Oracle or NetSuite.

  • Secure - Import/Export data across secured enterprise networks.
  • Synchronise - Keep data silos up-to-date through automated feeds.
Talent management software that has proven integrations with leading enterprise systems.

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