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Instant value to resource planning

Who are Pitcher Partners group?

Pitcher Partners are a medium-sized accounting firm with 50 employees in their Audit Division and is a part of Baker Tilly International. Since 1974, Pitcher Partners have operated from Brisbane and has an extensive understanding of Queensland businesses. They strive for continuous improvements, high performance and agility has helped them gain their top 10 ranking in Australia’s Financial Review Top 100 list 2021.


I really like using Retain Cloud because it’s user-friendly, very flexible, and customisable to your own liking. The onboarding and set-up were quick, with only half a day needed to configure and get the data format right. The customer support team are also very friendly and responsive which is amazing given the time difference.”

Selmi van Staden, Director – Audit Operations, Pitcher Partners Brisbane


Given the fast-moving world of today, and aiming for further efficiencies, Pitcher Partners were pursuing a software driving cloud-first strategy. So, it was time to move on from using excel for our resource scheduling and planning needs.


Pitcher Partner implemented Retains Cloud solution to help meet their needs. They noted that Retain Clouds’ ease of implementation and customizability helped drive efficiencies across their whole division. They saw business value instantly as they were able to plan (at a detailed staffing level) the year ahead. By booking in all their client projects for the next 12 months, provided their staff with clear visibility of their schedules and allowed them to strengthen their resource and engagement planning.


  • Clear visibility of resource availability
  • Reducing costs and optimising operational efficiencies
  • Provided foresight in planning client projects. 

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