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Enhances Utilisation And Aligns Planning Practices

Who are Huron consulting group?

Established in 2002, the Huron Consulting Group (known as Huron) is a global management consulting business, working across a wide range of industries, including Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Higher Education and Life Sciences. Partnering with clients to develop strategies and implement strategies, Huron enables clients to transform their own futures.

As a global consultancy, Huron helps clients drive growth, enhance performance and sustain leadership in the markets they serve.

One of the best in the field, Huron has been named as one of Forbes America’s “Best Management Consulting Firms” in 2016 & 2017, and by Consulting Magazine as one of the “Best Firms to Work For” continually from 2011-present.

Having embarked on a string of strategic acquisitions over the past decade, Huron now has over 2,600 employees based across the continental USA.


We worked with Retain to create customized complex reports to meet these reporting needs and build specific fields within Retain... In addition, we also designed and worked with Retain to create reporting capabilities that allowed us to automate reports that we were previously tracking manually. This not only made our team more efficient, but also provided a higher quality product since it minimized user error.

Senior Resource Planner Huron


In 2008, Huron was busy growing across the USA, winning new work at a rate of knots and with visions for further expansion into its core markets and beyond. However, the business was falling short in one area - resource planning & utilisation.

Huron established that the current process of planning resources on manual spreadsheets was not only time consuming and onerous but was also prone to error. In addition, it also didn’t give managers the level of visibility that they needed or the reporting capability. The organisation felt it required a dedicated resource planning solution to simplify internal processes and proceedures. One that could enhance existing functionality and add some new features for Huron to utilise, break down silos and improve utilisation & MI.

Existing Solution

Manual spreadsheets

New Solution

Retain Corporate, Skills & Web Viewer


  • Increased efficiency leading to ROI
  • Highly detailed Skills Database
  • Effective planning processes
  • Improved utilisation rates
  • Central system and database across the organisation
  • Configured to business requirements
  • Development of custom reports
  • Improved MI.

A decade of use

In the proceeding ten years, Retain has become an integral part of everyday life at Huron. Planners use the system continually, with some using it all day, every day to ensure their teams are correctly staffed and allocated. As the business has grown both in scale and the diversity of industries, Huron has relied increasingly on Retain and the Skills module to help planners hone in on the best qualified resources.

Describing Retain as flexible, adaptable and reliable, it is now seen as a business critical solution.

Resources know to use the system to put in training, holidays and changes to their schedules that could impact a project, to ensure the planners are able to work around them and ensure that utilisation rates don’t drop..

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