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Customer Stories

Providing Visibility and Enhancing Reporting

Who are Cross Country Consulting?

Cross Country Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm with offices across the US with specific emphasis on financial services, accounting standards, cyber security, cloud services and data analytics. The organisation uses Retain to plan for its 180 consultants. Retain enables a process such that each of these time planned staff can have visibility on to the engagements resources have been booked to work on.


It gives us visibility... We are now able to depict in wallchart form where all of our consultants are engaged. And, when searching for a particular skillset, we can drill down based on availability and level.

Planning Manager Cross Country Consulting


Using just an excel spreadsheet to plan the time for over 180 consultants, Cross Country Consulting required a robust and intuitive tool to ensure it was successfully meeting project requirements and allocating the right resources to the right jobs.

Planning teams at Cross Country were not able to reflect part time utilisation in the existing system and wanted to ability to block out time for training of employees.


Having looked at over 20 resource planning systems, Retain stood out to Cross Country Consultants due to its intuitive interface, ease of deployment and the inbuilt reporting tool. Retain has given Cross Country Consulting a clear picture of staffing across the organistation. Management and planners are now able to view part time utilisation for various projects, block out time for training and keep a centralised log of resources skills and experience.


  • Powerful in-built reporting functionality
  • Skills based searches
  • Intuitive, graphical views
  • Search for both skills and availability to match the project requirements.