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Founded in 1992, Retain International meets the needs of professional services firms in resource planning and talent management.

Consultants, auditors and lawyers in 65 countries use Retain daily to ensure optimal resource allocation.

The success of Retain reflects a unique practical approach to customers' needs combined with the best people and the latest technology that enables it to exceed every expectation. This is why Retain is trusted - among others - by the Big Four accounting firms on a global scale.

Retain offers products on various platforms such as Windows, a browser or a mobile device. In every case, customers have complete control over their data. They also have the ability to customise many aspects of the software to meet their specific needs.

In addition to its flagship Wallchart product, Retain also provides add-ons such as a Retain Skills, a talent management solution which helps identify and track employee skills so that suitable training programs can be implemented to plug any gaps.

Retain International is a global organisation with decades of experience integrating with leading Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Retain International Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capita Plc.

Professional Services

With over 20 years’ experience, we have helped hundreds of organisations achieve resource planning success.

Consultancy and Training

Our dedicated team of implementation specialists are here to make sure Retain is set-up according to your requirements and provide you with training on usage and best practice of the solution.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Implementation and Support

Every client is allocated an implementation specialist to install the software and ensure optimum performance from the onset.

We provide telephone, web and email helpdesk support to ensure continuity of service to users.

Additionally, our global partners can help you in your local language.

If you require product support now, please contact us or email

Latest News

Retain International has secured a multi-year contract with FGMK, LLC, a leading professional services firm, to deliver Retain Cloud, a resource planning and management software solution.

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Dale as Managing Director of Retain International and Capita Workforce Management within the Capita Software Division.

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Capita awarded highest level of CMMI assessment for software services and development Capita plc today announces that its Digital Development Centre (DDC) has been assessed at Maturity Level 5 on the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) for capabilities in the services and development categories.

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Ways to boost productivity 21st September 2020

This new way of working certainly has its highs and lows which by now most of us have experienced to some degree.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has had far reaching impacts on every country and industry around the world.

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Organisations have always questioned whether working from home is a good policy. However, almost overnight more than two thirds of the UK’s employees were working from home for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic lockdown, whilst nearly half (47%) having never worked from home before.

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Professional Services firms vary hugely, from independent start-ups with a handful of consultants to global players with hundreds of thousands of resources, not to mention the diversity of specialisms that are covered across the different organisations.

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Capita plc (‘Capita’) today announces the launch of Retain Cloud, a software-as-a-service workforce planning and management solution, for small and medium-sized (SME) companies.

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Over the past few months, life has presented difficult circumstances for all businesses, with these challenges been felt by individuals in all roles.

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Social distancing rules and office closures have forced many employees to work from home.

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Businesses continue to evolve their digital transformation at different paces and with different strategies, all with the hope of streamlining efficiencies, cutting costs and increasing revenue.

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The last few months have seen considerable change to all our daily lives.

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Just like everyone else in the world today – those of us working in the world of Resource Management are currently facing totally new, unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Many businesses use spreadsheets for their resource management model, and in doing so are capturing only a few binary measurements such as “utilised” and “under-utilised”, “high-cost” and “low-cost”, or “late” and “on-time”. But, this doesn’t encompass other important factors that could improve overall efficiencies of the business.

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How to Conquer Blue Monday 15 January 2019

See how you can conquer the Blue Monday symptons, and boost employee morale in January and throughout the rest of 2019.

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Mazars Ireland Case Study 10 December 2018

Leading Irish Professional Services Firm Improves Efficiencies And Gives Far Greater Insights With Retain International.

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On 1st November, the Retain team attended the British Legal Technology Awards 2018. Taking place at the Plaisterers' Hall in London.

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We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the CIPA Congress 2018.

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Retain Web Version 7 7 August 2018

We are delighted to announce that Version 7 of Retain has now been released Featuring a range of new and improved functionality.

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Customer User Forum 7 August 2018

We are setting up a customer user group, to help shape our future product development and we're asking our key customers to help us.

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We've moved! 7 August 2018

On Monday 6th August we moved into our brand new offices in the Copyright Building at 30 Berners Street in Fitzrovia.

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SpaceTec Partners is a strategy, management and communications consultancy group, operating in Munich and Brussels. Offering a broad array of services including strategy and technology consulting and interdisciplinary project management, SpaceTec Partners works with major public sector institutions including the European Space Agency, the European Parliament and numerous national ministries.

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We are delighted to announce that Retain International will be sponsoring the "Excellence in IT Security" Award at the 2018 British Legal Technology Awards.

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We are delighted to announce that Retain International will be exhibiting at The London Law Expo 2018 at the Old Billingsgate. Returning on Tuesday 9th October, The London Law Expo will welcome an estimated 1,500 visitors from the world of legal practice management, technology, and IT security.

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Retain International will be exhibiting at this year’s event, which will give you the opportunity to hear insight from industry experts on how to future proof your business and thrive in a digital world. The day is dedicated to giving you the tools, techniques and best practice solutions you need to succeed.

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Cross Country Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm with offices across the US with specific emphasis on financial services, accounting standards, cyber security,Cloud services and data analytics.

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As a valued customer and user of Retain International’s resource management software, we want to invite you to take part in our usability study in May. Your feedback will greatly help us to improve the user experience of Retain International’s products and identify future developments.

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World Back-Up Day 28 March 2018

31st March is World Back-Up Day, a day aimed at reminding and encouraging us all to back-up our data on a regular basis. Losing files and data is more common than you might think – 1 in 10 computers are infected with a virus each month and 30% of people have never backed up.

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There are a number of reasons why a firm would invest in a resource planning platform. Some firms are tired of the manual methods of planning using Excel spreadsheets. Others are looking at the more defined approach: improving efficiencies in building and managing client teams; breaking down of silos; project staffing predictability; assigning staff to projects based on skills. See how Retain's software can help with Return on Investment for businesses.

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Retain International is the original, dedicated resource planning software system that strips away the complexity of using Excel, providing one easy-to-use and powerful solution.

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Retain Skills is a powerful tool that allows for the integrated management of resource skills via a user-friendly and configurable skills matrix.

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Retain Web Portal 09 Nov 2016

Retain Web Portal is a browser-based scheduling application that helps organisations lower costs and increase revenue by efficient planning of resources and projects.

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Retain Wallchart is a fully featured scheduling application that helps companies reduce costs and increase revenue by efficient planning of resources and skills to projects as and when required.

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Retain International's resource planning solution ('Retain') was selected as the system of choice for Fera.

Retain has been implemented for all Fera operational staff engaged in science delivery and research, with a careful focus on maximising buy-in from end users. Two months after implementation, over 40,000 project days were already scheduled in 2016 within Retain, representing £15.6m of resource cost for the full year.

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Our latest version of Retain Resource Planning just got better with the ability for resources to manage their skill profile as part of a workflow. Resource scheduling and talent management depend on resources’ skills being up-to-date for easy matching of staff with projects. This is why we now introduce a workflow where a staff member can add skills to their profile, select a proficiency level, and let their manager approve the addition.

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Retain International has recently been acquired by UK based business process management and outsourcing firm, Capita Plc.

Capita approached Retain recognising our technological capabilities to provide high quality resource planning solutions. By combining resources, Retain and Capita will further enhance our value offering and continue to provide market leading software to clients across multiple sectors.

Compare business of 25 years ago with how it is today. Today’s business essentials such as e-mail, the internet and cell phones were barely heard of in what today seems like a very manual age.

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Retain International is proud to introduce Retain version 5 in French for Desktop and Web Portal.

Retain has long been a valuable planning tool for transnational companies thanks to its handling of local holiday calendars, currency and time zone differences. Today, organisations with staff in France or French-speaking territories such as Switzerland, Québec or Belgium can take advantage of the Retain Resource Planning System in their local language.

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Following a very thorough selection process, Retain was recently chosen by a department of the US Government to help manage and plan staff. Roughly 5,000 federal employees will be scheduled using the Retain Resource Planning System on a daily basis.

This success exemplifies how Retain is a natural fit for governmental institutions and expands its presence in the US, where it already provides many Fortune 500 companies with resource planning solutions.

Season's Greetings 19 Dec 2012

We would like to thank you for your custom and support this past year; we had a terrific year with many exciting developments and innovations.

We saw Retain usage expand among tier-one consultancy and audit firms, as well as establish a strong presence in new markets such as China.  We’re immensely proud to bring our resource planning and talent management solutions to organisations on every continent.

Our unwavering commitment to customers was demonstrated again by the many customisation and implementation projects which we delivered this past year. We also successfully introduced Retain Mobile empowering planners and resources to communicate about their schedules on the go.

Finally, this year of growth saw the arrival of several new colleagues enabling us to accelerate this trend of innovation and quality of service through 2013. We wish you all the best and a Happy New Year!

Warmest regards,

The Retain International Team

When a large company employs thousands, the task of planning, managing and administering all those employees can be daunting. Various departments have different needs and CIOs have to provide the tools that help do the best job of making the company efficient.

Imagine a company with an HR system for managing staff and payroll. And on the other hand, project planners use Retain to plan resources and keep track of skills. But what happens when new employees join the company? Are the software systems able to speak to each other?

Retain is able to integrate with today’s leading enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle and NetSuite. This way, when for example staff join or leave the company, Retain is updated automatically. It saves valuable time for the company and – in an incremental way – makes it more efficient. Just one more reason why Retain is relied upon by both medium-sized businesses and the leading consulting organisations worldwide.

Big Four 07 Aug 2012

Retain has a long history of being the workforce planning tool of choice for professional services companies. Thanks to its unparalleled enterprise scalability and security, Retain delivers on even the most challenging requirements, so much so that in China, Retain is deployed by three of the Big Four. In Italy also, the Retain Resource Planning System is operated by three of the Big Four's country offices.

These recent achievements mark an important milestone in Retain International's strong growth in developed and emerging markets.

About the Big Four: The Big Four are the four largest international professional services networks in accountancy and professional services, which handle the vast majority of audits for publicly traded companies as well as many private companies. They include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young and KPMG.

At Retain we adopted Scrum as a development methodology a few years ago with good results. Scrum is good at isolating the R&D teams from distractions during the four weeks period of focused development (a sprint). We have been able to better forecast the delivery dates and contents of new versions of our software, increasing its quality at the same time.

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You may have seen our previous blog examining how professional services firms can identify if resources are being misallocated by comparing actual versus planned client activity reports. In this blog we explain how, by using the same methods, professional services firms can motivate their staff and improve efficiency.

With better visibility of the project pipeline and variance levels, employees are able to plan their own time more effectively. This can be particularly beneficial when employees are paid on a performance-related basis and therefore need to ensure they are not left on the bench for an extended period of time.

Making this information available to staff also provides them with first-hand experience of the planning process and enables them to provide more accurate estimates for similar projects in the future.

Furthermore, with the visibility actual versus planned reports give managers, they can see how each department and even each individual is performing. They can then transfer best practice accordingly.

Finally if a team is regularly showing as fully booked but then subsequently billing less than expected, closer analysis of their performance can enable internal management departments to approach the project manager and the team to ask why this is happening.

Please visit our homepage to take a look at our range of resource planning solutions that can help your firm better manage its resources through actual versus planned reporting.

As you may have seen in the press, we’ve spoken about the benefits of resource planning to legal firms, accounting firms, and project managers. However, we also wanted to give people the opportunity to put this advice into action to see how a resource planning solution, such as Retain Planner can be used to benefit their business.

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Hello and welcome to the Retain International News page. Watch this space for more news and opinions from Retain, giving you a greater insight into resource planning and skills management, and the benefits that this can provide your business. We’ll be regularly updating the this page with our thoughts on the issues facing businesses at the moment, and explaining how resource planning tools can help firms make the most of their existing staff and resources.

While you’re waiting for our next article, check out our LinkedIn page to find out more about our company and products. You can also follow us on Twitter for industry news and to find out when our next blog goes live.  If you’d like to get in touch, or if you’d like to contribute a guest post, drop us a line at

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For over a decade, Retain International has been helping organisations utilise their resources more efficiently. We provide a friendly and open workplace that lets employees pursue their ambitions. At Retain, you will contribute to a global operation working with customers and colleagues from all over the world. Find out how you can become one of our employees by reviewing our latest job openings.

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International Partners

Retain International specialises in resource management and staff planning software. Our success in the global market is reflected in the partnerships we have built with distributors worldwide.


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ADE Professional Solutions provides financial consulting services to companies in various industries in Russia and abroad since 2004.


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OrderIT works closely with companies to deliver proven efficiency in the areas of Administration and Communication. OrderIT is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Established in 1992, our mission is to support auditors and other service organisations in their professional work through the innovative use of technology. Having evolved from the auditing and IT marketplace, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of the complexities and challenges of the auditing and accountancy profession.

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