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Resource risk management

Reduce risk with enterprise-grade security, clear audit trails, and role-based access controls


Retain is ISO-27001 and GPPR-ready. 

Manage your resources risk-free with role-based access, single sign-on, full audit trails, and transparent AI-based decisions. 



Apply custom access controls

When it comes to customisation, Retain takes things up a notch. Custom security conditions ensure the right people have the right level of role-based access, all while maintaining stringent security protocols.


Clear audit trails

Gain transparent resource processes

Manage resources with confidence with transparent processes that show who last updated resources and when. Plus, Retain’s AI-powered scheduling shows how the suitability of a match is made. No more audit red flags. No more ‘black box’ issues.



Manage resources without compromise

Scattered data and disconnected tools lead to fragmented and unsecure processes. Retain offers single sign-on and is ISO-9100 and GDPR-ready. 



Benefit from robust security and stability

Manage resources with confidence through on-premise or robust cloud architecture which leverage multiple global data centres to ensure high availability.



Use a tool that’s easy to use and customise

Retain is so easy to use, it feels like you’re still using Excel. But instead of clunky spreadsheets, you have the power at your fingertips to easily customise, filter, and generate RAG ‘health statuses’ for each project. 



Share reports with the right permissions

Information is power, but only if it’s in the right hands. Retain’s report sharing feature ensures that team members only have access to the data they need, with flexible read-only or edit access.

Upgrade your resource planning with Retain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retain is ISO-27001 ready and GDPR-ready, ensuring that your resource management processes adhere to industry-standard security protocols and data privacy regulations.

Retain allows you to apply custom access controls and security conditions to ensure that only authorised individuals have the appropriate level of access to resource data and management functions. This helps maintain strict security protocols while granting the necessary permissions to relevant team members.

Retain provides clear audit trails that show who last updated resource information and when. Additionally, Retain's AI-powered scheduling algorithms explain how the suitability of a match is determined, ensuring transparency and preventing any "black box" issues during audits.

Retain offers robust cloud architecture that leverages multiple global data centres to ensure high availability and scalability. Alternatively, Retain can also be deployed on-premises to meet your organisation's specific needs and requirements.

Yes, Retain is designed to be highly customisable and user-friendly. While it has the familiarity of Excel, Retain provides powerful features like custom filtering, project health status indicators (RAG status), and more, empowering users to tailor the platform to their specific workflows.

Retain's report sharing feature allows you to control who has access to specific reports and data. You can grant team members read-only or edit access based on their roles and permissions, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorised individuals.

In addition to robust security certifications and access controls, Retain offers single sign-on (SSO) integration, ensuring that your resource management processes are seamlessly integrated with your organisation's existing identity and access management systems.

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Speech Mark
“I really like using Retain Cloud because it’s user-friendly, very flexible, and customisable to your own liking. The onboarding and set-up were quick, with only half a day needed to configure and get the data format right.”
Director – Audit Operations
Pitcher Partners

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