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Resource workflow management

Streamline resource management workflows to remove bottlenecks, increase profitability, and pivot on the spot.


Know what’s going on inside your business with a single view of who is working on what, for how long, and when they will become available. Retain’s resource workflow management software makes your project management workflow more efficient while keeping everyone on the same page. 



Keep track of every step of resource management

Track every step of resource management in one place with real-time visibility, from allocation (by job or by resources) to project progress—and reporting. Respond to unforeseen events. Take advantage of new market opportunities. 



Clearly see who’s available and when

Manage resources and capacity with precision by allocating job bookings by utiilisation or total project hours. Colour coding and filtering make it super easy to see who’s available and who’s at maximum utilisation. No more project unknowns. No more double-bookings.



Ensure team skills align with projects

Get a full view of employee skills and capacity, so you can see at a glance who to allocate to projects. Prepare for contingencies by anticipating potential resource conflicts and bottlenecks by creating “what-if” scenarios. 



Enter and view data in a way that works for you

Customise workflows to fit your team and company needs—pivot between Plan View and Table View. And keep everyone in the loop with notifications when changes are made. 



Optimise your project management workflow with real-time adjustments

Set up automated milestones, phases, and link dependencies to ensure every project gets completed on time. Map the movement of jobs through the lifecycle. See critical decision points. Spot bottlenecks and ensure nothing falls behind schedule.



Maximise profits and prevent budget overruns

Manage client budgets by time and materials, or fixed price. See a breakdown of charge type, billing type, total revenue, total cost, total profit, client budget, and % of client budget used. No more budget overruns. Maximum profit outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Resource workflow management refers to the process of efficiently allocating and managing your organisation's human resources across various projects and tasks. It helps ensure that the right people with the necessary skills and availability are assigned to the right tasks, optimising productivity and resource utilisation.

Retain's solution provides a centralised platform to manage employee profiles, skill sets, availability, and capacity. It allows you to quickly identify the most suitable resources for specific tasks or projects, considering factors like skills, certifications, experience, and current workload.

Yes, Retain offers seamless timesheet integration, allowing you to either manually enter timesheets within the platform or automatically sync with your existing timesheet system for accurate time tracking and reporting.

Retain allows employees to manage their own profiles, update their skills, education, and achievements, and adjust their weekly availability. This self-service approach promotes flexibility and empowers employees to take an active role in their work assignments and career development.

Retain's AI-powered skills matching uses advanced algorithms to intelligently match employees with projects based on their comprehensive profiles, including skills, certifications, experience, and availability. Importantly, the system provides explanations for the suitability criteria, making it easier to find the perfect fit for each role or responsibility. 

Yes, Retain is designed to manage resources across multiple teams, locations, and time zones. It can accommodate flexible working arrangements, ensuring that employee availability and preferences are accurately reflected in the resource planning process.

Retain offers robust reporting capabilities, including utilisation reports, capacity planning insights, and variance reporting (comparing actual hours and costs against planned estimates). These reports provide valuable data for optimising resource allocation, identifying skill gaps, and ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

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“At Mazars, we don’t have an anonymous pool of people, it’s important to us that we match the right person to the right project. We found Retain to be the solution that best met our requirements.”
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