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Resource management integrations and APIs

Seamlessly integrate with your favourite tools


Bring together disparate systems for a single, comprehensive view of your business and its people. Import data from HR, CRM, and ERP systems, Practice Management Software, and more—and extend the value of your technology investment. 



See live project and financial data

Sync your timesheet data, ERP data and more without jumping between tools. Build custom reports in Retain or export data in a few clicks. Logic apps seamlessly connect cloud-based and on-premises solutions. With complete visibility you can make changes to course correct sooner. 



Sync Outlook calendars automatically

By integrating Outlook 365 you can sync your team's Outlook diaries in real-time. Reduce the need to enter data in both systems. Create an excellent employee experience. 



Gain visibility and flexibility

Our custom integration uses Microsoft Logic apps and Retain’s connectors to create additional workflows, custom workflows, or bespoke automation to further enhance Retain and to meet your precise business needs. 



Benefit from Retain’s API

Retain’s API lets you integrate Retain into your platform. Retain’s API follows a RESTful style and is available in JSON and XML formats. It uses bearer tokens for authentication – they can be obtained from the Retain API portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retain can integrate with a wide range of systems, including HR systems, CRM platforms, ERP solutions, Practice Management Software, and more. This allows you to import data from various sources and consolidate it within Retain for a comprehensive view of your business and its resources.

Retain offers seamless integration with Outlook 365, allowing you to sync your team's Outlook calendars in real-time. This integration reduces the need for jumping between tools and multiple systems, providing an excellent employee experience by aligning with their existing calendars and schedules.

Retain can integrate with both cloud-based and on-premises solutions. The platform uses Microsoft Logic Apps and Retain's connectors to create custom workflows and bespoke automation, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with your existing systems, regardless of their hosting environment.

Retain offers a RESTful API that follows JSON and XML formats. Clients can access the API through the Retain API portal, where they can obtain bearer tokens for authentication. This API allows you to integrate Retain into your own platform or applications, enabling seamless data exchange and enhanced functionality.

Yes, Retain offers custom integrations and custom workflows tailored to your precise business requirements. By leveraging Microsoft Logic Apps and Retain's connectors, you can create additional workflows, bespoke automation, and customised integrations to further enhance Retain's capabilities and align with your unique processes.

Integrating Retain with your ERP system allows you to sync timesheet data, financial data, and other relevant information without having to switch between multiple tools. This integration provides complete visibility into project and financial data, enabling you to make informed decisions and course-correct proactively when needed.

Retain offers comprehensive documentation and support resources to assist you in setting up and managing integrations. Additionally, our customer support team is available to provide guidance, troubleshooting assistance, and best practices for leveraging Retain's integration capabilities effectively.

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“At Mazars, we don’t have an anonymous pool of people, it’s important to us that we match the right person to the right project. We found Retain to be the solution that best met our requirements.”
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