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Retain 1.19: Resource planning meets advanced customisation


By Kerry Leech

  • 4 min

Retain has always been at the forefront of highly customised resource planning software and our latest release takes this a step further. Now, every attribute of your resources—including custom fields—can be leveraged to filter and plan resources. 

This means greater control, more tailored planning, and ultimately, more efficient use of your organisation’s most valuable assets: its people and projects.? 

By empowering resource and project managers with these new features, Retain provides unparalleled access to reliable, insightful data for precise resource planning. No more clunky spreadsheets. No more employee burnout. 

Enhanced filtering for efficient and self-contained workflows

In our continuous effort to make workflows as efficient as possible, we've significantly upgraded our filtering options. Every resource attribute, including custom fields, can now be used to filter resources. This includes job roles, experience levels, availability, and more, for unparalleled precision in resource allocation. 

Imagine a scenario where a project manager at a software development company needs to quickly find a senior Java Developer who is available for a high-priority, short-term project. 

With the enhanced People Finder improvements, you can now set specific filters like — 'Java Developer', 'senior level',  'immediately available' —and within moments, a list of suitable matches appears. This tool is particularly helpful in urgent situations where time is of the essence, and the right skill set is crucial for the project's success.⌛

But the People Finder's upgraded functionality doesn't just stop at finding the right person. Once the ideal candidate is identified, they can be quickly assigned to the project, with all relevant details—such as project duration, specific role requirements, and billing rates—seamlessly integrated into the workflow. 

This leads to a more efficient, self-contained process, significantly reducing the admin burden on resource and project managers and allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of their role.

This enhanced filtering capability ensures that the entire process, from identifying to assigning resources, is streamlined and efficient, ultimately leading to better project outcomes, higher team productivity, and increased satisfaction for both clients and team members.

Planner view “box” selection for bulk editing

Bulk editing has never been easier. The Planner View now includes a 'box' selection feature, allowing for swift, bulk edits of bookings and roles. This is particularly useful for resource managers handling multiple projects and resources.

Consider this scenario: A resource manager at a consulting firm is overseeing several ongoing projects with overlapping timelines and diverse teams. Midway through the quarter, there's a strategic shift requiring several team members to be reallocated to different projects. Previously, this would have involved individual edits.

With the new 'box' selection feature, you can now simply press Alt and draw a box around the bookings and roles that need modification on the planner view. For instance, you might select all bookings related to a particular project or all roles within a specific team. 

You’ve got the power at your fingertips to select dozens of entries at once.

Once selected, the manager can perform bulk actions. This could mean shifting entire project timelines, reassigning teams to new projects, or updating the roles of multiple team members to reflect new responsibilities. 

This feature ensures consistency in updates across multiple entries, enhancing overall project management efficiency. Resource managers can now respond more agilely to changes, whether they're driven by client needs, internal strategy shifts, or unforeseen circumstances.

By simplifying and speeding up what used to be a cumbersome process, the 'box' selection feature in Retain 1.19 empowers resource managers to manage their teams and projects with greater ease and accuracy, leading to improved project outcomes and team performance.

Duplicate job changes

We've also enhanced the duplicate job feature. You can now run multiple duplicate job processes concurrently. An Operation Log, accessible from the side menu, keeps track of all these processes, providing transparency and control. Additionally, duplicating jobs from the Planner views is now possible, further integrating this feature into your daily workflow.

The ability to run multiple duplicate job processes concurrently is a game-changer. Project managers can manage duplicate job changes simultaneously, greatly reducing setup time. The added Operation Log feature provides a clear view of the status of each duplication process, enhancing transparency and control. This is particularly helpful when coordinating with different teams or departments, ensuring everyone is updated on the progress and any required inputs.

Furthermore, duplicating jobs directly from the Planner View integrates this process into the daily workflow seamlessly. This means less time navigating through different menus and more time focusing on strategic planning and execution.

Maintenance window notification

It might seem like a small thing, but understanding the importance of uninterrupted service, we've improved our communication regarding maintenance windows. 

Users will now be notified in advance of any planned maintenance and downtime upon logging in to Retain. This, coupled with our existing ServiceNow communications, ensures you're always informed and prepared.?

Customise resource planning with Retain

Retain is a leader in highly customised resource planning software, allowing users to plan resources in a bespoke way. With our new product release, all resource attributes can be used to filter resources, including custom fields. 

The result is faster, more confident, data-based decision-making—the sort that helps you spot opportunities, avoid risks, and boost business performance. 


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