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Resource scheduling software

Have full control with intuitive, people-first resource scheduling


With Retain’s AI-powered resource scheduling software, you can assign and edit resources in a few clicks. Gone are the days of clunky spreadsheets and disconnected tools. Get a single live view of resources to plan, schedule, and adjust projects with confidence. 



Goodbye, clunky spreadsheets

Hello more visibility, profitability, and time back. With an accurate view of resource utilisation, you can optimise how work is assigned. Plan view drag-and-drops the right people to the right projects one-by-one or in bulk. Table view’s Excel-style interface allows you to manage time (in hours) directly on an intuitive table interface. 



Prevent costly mistakes and easily spot conflicts

Have a clear picture of your employee’s availability and skills with the People Finder tool and balance workloads with live insights on scheduled vs available hours. Plus, AI-powered recommendations suggest resources which are a perfect match along with resources which may be suitable based on similar skills and work experience.



Keep your talent happy and projects healthy

Manage resource plans in a way that works for you; apply bulk duplications, split bookings, and different charge rates. See, at a glance, utilisation percentage, currency, and overall project health. Notify your team of changes to their schedule. Sync resource schedules to Outlook calendars. 



Manage resources by full time employee

Display time allocation on bookings and jobs in full-time job equivalent (FTE) units. Multiple resources can be assigned by FTE or number of resources. Easily edit, view, or filter Job FTEs and booked FTEs assigned. 



Simplify day-to-day operations

Take control of your entire resource management process from a centralised platform. Make changes in one click or by dragging and dropping. Plan ahead with scenario forecasts for stress-free resource scheduling with no disruption. 



Keep everyone connected from anywhere

Align to today’s flexible working practices with around-the-clock resource planning operations. Serve internal stakeholders and external clients in real-time. Plus, access Retain on your mobile device via a mobile app.

Upgrade your resource scheduling with Retain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retain's resource scheduling software offers several benefits, including intuitive resource assignment and editing, a single live view of resources, optimised utilisation, AI-powered resource matching, flexible resource management, and centralised control over the entire resource management process.

Retain's AI-powered recommendations suggest resources that are a perfect match for a project based on their availability, skills, and work experience. The system also identifies resources that may be suitable based on similar skills and experience, helping you find the right fit for every project.

Yes, Retain's resource scheduling software is designed to support flexible working practices and distributed teams. It offers always-on availability, allowing you to manage resources and serve stakeholders in real-time, regardless of their location. Additionally, Retain is accessible via a mobile app, keeping everyone connected from anywhere.

Retain provides a centralised platform for managing your entire resource management process. You can make changes in one click or by dragging and dropping, plan ahead with scenario forecasts, and streamline resource scheduling without disruption to your operations.

Yes, Retain allows you to display time allocation on bookings and jobs in full-time equivalent (FTE) units. You can assign multiple resources by FTE or by the number of resources, and easily edit, view, or filter Job FTEs and booked FTEs assigned.

Retain offers a "Plan View" that allows you to drag-and-drop the right people to the right projects, either one-by-one or in bulk. Additionally, the "Table View" provides an Excel-style interface for managing time (in hours) directly on an intuitive table interface, optimising resource utilisation.

Yes, Retain allows you to sync resource schedules with Outlook calendars, ensuring seamless integration with existing tools and workflows used by your team members.

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“At Mazars, we don’t have an anonymous pool of people, it’s important to us that we match the right person to the right project. We found Retain to be the solution that best met our requirements.”
Audit & Assurance Director

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