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Resource Planning

Retain International provides secure, scalable software
in a browser, as a Windows or mobile application.

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Designed to help you gain operational efficiencies by more controlled planning. It lets you immediately see issues, make informed planning decisions while ensuring staff are effectively utilised.
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Integrate with leading CRM and ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, NetSuite and Elite. Your business data always stays synchronised thus helping your organisation be more productive.
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Retain Staff Planning Products & Services

Retain is the most trusted resource planning and talent management software for enterprise and medium-sized companies.

Boost your staff utilisation

Retain is the number one self-hosted staff planning software. Whether you are looking for a desktop product, a browser-enabled application, or a mobile app. Retain works where and when you need it.

Manage human resources

People are your greatest asset. Retain is prefect for human resource management in making sure that the right person is matched with the right job. It also seamlessly integrates with payroll and other systems.

Plan ahead and reduce risk

Organisations that use Retain resource scheduling software are better able to foresee changes. Retain lets you create actual vs planned analyses and management reports to see what those changes mean and take action.

Customise and scale as you grow

Retain's scalability is unparalleled as evidenced by our customer successes. You too can expect the best in staff planning software thanks to our strong track record of delivering customised solutions.