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People focused Resource Planning Software

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Resource planning software made easy

Software to strengthen resourcing plans, resolve resourcing conflicts, and allow you to focus on growing your business where it matters. Retain International is the go-to planning software for over 200 customers across 65 countries.

Explore real-time, cloud-based resource planning

Tailored solutions for your business goals


Unlock a single, holistic view of past and planned utilisation to better forecast projects, increase efficiency and overcome seasonal resource scarcity. Say goodbye to planning on Excel with Retain.


Understand your team’s developing talent, identify skills gaps and provide options as to how, when and where work is carried out – all while exceeding customer expectations. Scheduling no longer feels like a chore.


Analyse previous project records and gain clarity on resource availability to efficiently plan projects and ensure they remain on time. Monitor capacity, measure outcomes and track to succesful project completion with ease.

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Retain International has provided a structured database that can keep track of several pertinent details and information about resources and jobs. It is a very powerful tool.
Project Manager
SpaceTec Partners

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