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Retain Service Charter

Retain Service Charter

Service Availability

Retain solutions are business-critical,  which is why we aim to meet and exceed a service level objective of 99.99% availability using the provided Web Application UI and API endpoints.    

Monthly regular maintenance is scheduled for maximum 45 minutes.

Service Updates

Retain Cloud is an evergreen product that is continually improving. Retain is committed to continuous delivery of fixes, enhancements, and new features on a regular basis.   We aim to provide quarterly product release updates to customers,  as well as up to date online user guides.

Support and maintenance service

Retain support desk is the first point of contact for all support and maintenance enquiries, upgrades and system moves for all our solutions available on-premise or cloud.

The Retain customer portal is our main communication hub, you can log, update and view support cases directly here, as well as adding notes or uploading attachments to aid case investigation.  The portal also provides customers with  a searchable knowledge base and access to online documentation.

In the event of a high priority case, please call the support desk as soon as possible after raising a ticket. We allocate each enquiry or issue raised a unique reference number, which you can use to track your case’s progress.   Our aim is to resolve cases at the point of enquiry. However, if a solution is not immediately available, we’ll log the enquiry’s details, and allocate the case to a support desk analyst for further investigation.

Priority levels

All calls are assigned one of the following priority levels:

Critical - An event or series of events during which the entire system, or business-critical functionality, is completely inaccessible.

High - An event or series of events that interrupts business critical functionality or reduces / eliminates access for multiple users.

Moderate - An event or series of events that makes a non-business critical functionality or procedure unusable or difficult to use, with minor operational impact but no direct impact on critical services. A workaround or alternative may be available.

Low -A degradation to non-critical functionality. The basic functionality still works but with errors or degraded performance. A request for information or advice, or for a standard (pre-approved) change.

First line Response Team

Once the ticket is created, our first line team will classify the issue, assign a priority and, where possible, identify a resolution using our knowledge database. They will ensure that your contact details are correct and confirm the case reference. You will then receive an email notification outlining your case details.

Second line Support Engineers

If the issue cannot be resolved at the point of contact, your case will be referred to our second line support engineers, who will contact you to investigate the issue further.

If the issue is related to a software bug, an incident will be raised with our development team for a work-around or a fix to be included in the next software update. Our second line team will provide you with a known error knowledge base article reference that you can subscribe to for fix updates.

Service Desk

Available  9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Call +44 (0)330 0585 945   

For new enquiries and support: 

UK: +44 (0)330 058 5945

AU: + 61 8 8352 2004