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What to consider when implementing a resource planning application - a best practice guide


By Editorial Team

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Are you planning on implementing a new resource planning platform? A smooth transition to your new system is imperative for the success of the project. There are companies that rush the process, only to encounter problems later down the line.

Whilst they may sound simple, the steps listed below are intended to help create a successful implementation model for your business:

Create a plan

Whilst this sounds like an obvious first step, it’s surprising how many organisations dive into a project of this magnitude without carrying out the appropriate planning first. Creating a project team and a solid implementation plan will help to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to using a new system. The plan should include not only how it will be rolled out to your business, but should also show how your teams will start using it. Establish the key stakeholder required and engage with them from the start to make the implementation a success.


Communication really is key when rolling out a new system to your organisation. By ensuring everyone is not only aware but also regularly updated on the progress of the implementation and of any key milestones / deadlines for the project, it will garner interest amongst your teams and increase the uptake and adoption of the application. Internal User Groups By creating an internal user group, ideally comprised of colleagues from various teams and departments, you will get a greater understanding of not only what is required of the system, but also how the different teams utilise the functionality. These users can advise if any bespoke configuration or development would be required to meet the needs of the business.

Create a Pilot Team

Once the system is installed, it may be an idea to do a phased roll-out, starting with a pilot team. This could be the same people who were your user group, but it would be worthwhile ensuring the pilot team is representative of the wider organisation and those who will be using the system.


Whether you decide on a phased or bulk roll out for your resource planning app, allow time to gather feedback from not only key stakeholders but day-to-day users across your organisation.


We all know it can be difficult to get people to use a new system and, more commonly, to change from their old ways and processes! Several clients have found that a reward scheme has encouraged employers to use and maximise the new system as much as possible and create a bit of healthy competition between teams!

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