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Retain Cloud 1.11 Updates


By Editorial Team

  • 2 min

Our latest release of Retain Cloud includes several enhancements including skills searches, roll forward bookings, APIs, Azure Single Sign on (SSO) and Outlook Calendar integration. 

We have improved the critical process of managing project demand through to demand fulfilment. Our process now utilises the skills of your resources. This will enable your business to have a full 360 view of both confirmed and potential resource demand all in one place.

Having a single 360 view of what resources you have, what client jobs they are working on and for what duration of time will significantly enhance business decision-making. No more manual analysis, no more working in siloes, no more confusion. Everyone can see the same information.

Retain Cloud allows you to find the right person for the right job at the right time.

Read more to find out about some of the new features and feel free to book a demo to discover more about Retain Cloud.

1. Skills Search

Are you a Project Manager who needs to resource a project to meet the demands of clients?

Retain Cloud enables project managers to enter their demand in the form of either specific people or roles based on criteria such as location, grade and skills. Project demand can then be assigned to a central planning team who will fulfil the project requirements and manage the resource plan.

Notifications are then sent to resources telling them what bookings they have been assigned to.

This feature is great for companies that have central planning teams who are responsible for making resource management decisions.

Project Managers and planners have a choice with Retain as to how they perform their roles. They can either use workflow screens or work visually from within the plans page. Our product demonstrations will outline the various workflow options depending on how you like to work as a business.

2. Roll forward bookings

Do you have regular customers with ongoing demand?

With Retain Cloud you can roll forward existing projects (teams and or skills) into the future to create visibility of future demand. This makes resourcing annuity projects faster and simpler.

3. APIs

We are now able to integrate with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, easily transferring data between systems to give real time updates.

- Data import

- API capability

- Azure Logic Apps

We are now able to integrate with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics plus Workday and SAP in the very near future.

4. Azure Singe sign-on (SSO)

Retain Cloud supports SSO for Azure AD, a capability that provides the following benefits:

  • Improves your overall user experience
  • Speeds up system authentication
  • Provides functionality that complies with regulatory compliance
  • Reduces IT service desk time and costs
  • Significantly improves system security

5. Outlook Calendar Integration

Retain Cloud can automatically create, amend, and remove calendar entries in Outlook. Outlook integration means that by keeping Retain and Outlook in sync, all your resources will always know what jobs they are working on, helping to reduce confusion and communication issues.

6. International capabilities

We support multi-currency with language translations in French and Spanish.

Please speak to us directly about your integration requirements or if you would like a demo of Retain Cloud.


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