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Adopting a more client-centric approach whilst remaining profitable is one of the biggest challenges law firms face today. Clients’ desire for better predictions on costs and time to complete work plus the added pressure from the 2013 Jackson reforms to hold lawyers accountable for their predictions has meant firms require more robust and reliable methods of recording matter data.

Legal Resource Planning and Work Allocation

One of the most crucial elements in the planning stage of any matter is knowing who the work should be allocated to. Considering that all fee-earners within any talent pool will have varying levels of experience, skills, availability, cost rates and charge rates; who the work is allocated to will entirely affect the outcome and profitability of the project.

Retain International’s all-in-one resource planning toolkit facilitates optimal legal resource allocation, scheduling and forecasting both at a financial and resource level. Retain International’s resource planning tool benefits legal organisations of all sizes; from sole practitioners and niche law firms to national legal service providers and in-house legal counsel teams.

Work smarter, not harder!

Some of the many benefits delivered by Retain’s resource planning solution include:

Resource Planning

Predicting demand and planning resource accordingly

  • Quicker assignment of matter resources: With the implementation of resource planning tools, resource assignment can drop from 7 - 5.5 days on average1;
  • More visibility into resource, skills, availability, experience and proficiency for upcoming work through Retain International’s Skills module and "Talent Profile" within our "Skills" module;
  • Act proactively to manage peaks and troughs through Retain’s Wallchart, minimising economic effects of fluctuations and redundancies, also enabling holiday and training scheduling, minimising inefficiencies and enabling happier teams;
  • Ability to take on new work faster through instant visibility into resource availability and identification of resources that can be allocated from one matter to another with "Retain’s Wallchart";
  • Ability to see which skills are trending and most in demand to proactively manage for future requirements.

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Forecast and phase matter workload

  • Retain International’s solution allows resource planners or department managers to break down matters into elements and cost each element of work when planning matters, either within Retain’s platform or your Practice Management System, in relation to forecast hours or days required from fee earner;
  • Easily search for the right solicitors or paralegal through Retain’s People Search module and allocate the ideal resources within Retain’s Wallchart to a matter. This also enables better identification around the seniority of resource required, time required, and the competency requirement.
  • Huge pressures calculating more managed estimates is unavoidable. Compared to Excel and other resource planning solutions, users can easily see when fee earners will need to be spent on each phase of a matter once an estimate of the life of a matter has been made. Furthermore, Retain International can be integrated into your existing Practice Management Software to sync matters and the information around them, thus saving the need for double input of information.

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Better control your bottom line

  • Increase billable time – organisations report an increase of 6% in billable utilisation, and an increase of 8% on the number of on-budget projects2;
  • Manage changes in matter budgeting costs and prediction of matter life, providing more accurate resource requirements and scheduling even at departmental level;
  • Use “reference class forecasting” to better predict the matter timescale, elements, phases, costs and “enforced contingency” of similar projects in the future from previous matters;
  • Better resource utilisation and matter budgeting complexity criteria through “reference class forecasting”, enabling lawyers to gradually improve the estimated likely fees and the ability to change forecasts accordingly, establishing the most likely outcome for the specific project;
  • The ability to plan in for “enforced contingency” within a project more easily than other resource planning tools like Excel;
  • The ability to work out a sensible budget at the beginning and managing resources in line with that budget, better estimating matter pricing vs matter costing and report on forecasted profit throughout;
  • No more “best guess” estimates with phases and elements missing.

Easily accessible data that’s integrated into your Practice Management System

  • Excel workarounds do not integrate with firms’ practice management systems. A resource planning management system reduces all the disjointed, error prone, time consuming cost forecasts and resource allocations.

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Accessible, visual reporting on resources and capacity

  • Research suggests only 9% of employers believe they have a good understanding of the resource factors that drive performance while only 8% or organisations report they have useable resource data3. With Retain’s Calendar view, quickly identify resource slack, resource overutilisation and maximise resource

View Infographic - "Redefining Success"

1 Service Performance Insight September 2017
2 Service Performance Insight September 2017
3 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2018

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  • Cross Country Consulting

    “Retain gives us visibility…we are now able to depict in Wallchart form where all of our consultants are engaged. And when searching for a particular skillset, we can drill down based on availability and level”

    - Planning Manager, Cross Country Consulting

  • SpaceTec

    “Retain International has provided a structured database that can keep track of several pertinent details and information about resources and jobs. It is a very powerful tool”

    - Project Manager, SpaceTec Partners

  • Mazars

    “The use of management time is certainly more efficient. Retain has given both management and resources greater information at their fingertips without having to go look for it”

    - Aedin Morkan, Senior Project Manager, Mazars

  • Huron

    “We were having to manually update spreadsheets prior to Retain. From a time perspective, Retain saves us a huge amount by easily updating projects, running reporting automatically and gives us clear visibility of our employees”

    - Senior Resource Planner, Huron

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