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Retain resource management solutions - Top 10 buyer questions

The Resource Manager who is looking to be more efficient at scheduling resources on a daily basis. Retain helps by being able to visualise availability and utilisation at an individual, project and business-wide at any given time period. The most popular management report is utilisation versus availability across the organisation.

The Requester typically based in a Project Manager/Operations role is looking to process resource requirements quickly and ensure the project outcomes are achievable and delivered to the highest quality. So, the ability to identify the right resources to match the project at the right time and within budget is critical. Being able to respond and adapt to changing business priorities with rapid scenario planning is also an advantage.

Resources use it to view all their client bookings and tasks and can be notified of any changes to those jobs, they can record their time spent against each project as well as share up to date personal profiles.

Business leaders/owners need to be confident they are making data-driven decision-making and the right level of business intelligence to help grow and scale their business.

Yes the main resources plans page will list all of your resources and their project bookings. This view can be filtered to see certain resources, and the plan itself can be set up to see the resource, project and booking information all from one screen.


The main projects plans page will list all of your projects, the allocated resources and their bookings. This view can be filtered to see only certain projects, and the plan itself can be set up to see the project, resource and booking information all from one screen.

In the plans page, you can select the resources that you manage through our powerful filtering capability. You can then save this filter by creating your own custom plan, say “My resources”. Every time you use Retain you won’t have to keep on applying your filters. Instead, simply select your “My resources” view and your filters will be applied accordingly. You can set up as many different views as you like.

You can view the projects you manage using filters then save your view under ‘My Projects’

Another option is to go to the jobs area and list all jobs then filter on your projects, this has the added benefit of listing all resource requests that require actioning and it keeps the core project management activity all in one place.

In the resources plan, you can do a search on “Availability” and see who (for example) has more than 80% availability between two selected dates.

Alternatively, reporting is another common way of retrieving what resources are becoming available.

A project manager can create a simple request for a particular resource to fill a resource gap in the short-term. This is a process that requires very little validation. The request is then sent through to the planning team who will check that person’s availability and create a live booking in the plan. A notification is then sent to the resource to say that they are booked on a project, and a further notification to the requestor to say that the request has been accepted.

Yes, you can start by requesting resources by name or by any of the resource attributes, for example, grade, location, job title, or any custom fields.

Retain automatically reviews existing bookings with selected resources and highlights their availability. A requestor can then select the required resources and request bookings. The resource planner will either accept the requests and create live bookings or reject them and pass them back to the requestor, with a reason. But wherever in the process a resource request is, the main plans page will mark these bookings as either Draft or Requested and visible for all to see.


When a resource accesses Retain Cloud, they will see notifications of new bookings  they have been allocated. They will also see if an existing booking has been amended or even deleted.

The timesheet functionality enables resources to add the numbers of hours worked on each day for the projects that they are assigned to. This data can then be reported on through our reporting capability that comes as standard with all subscriptions.